by author Linda Kohanov


Nature‘s Genius

      Studies of brilliant, tool-making crows reveal the optimal environmental conditions for supporting genius in humans. But as author Linda Kohanov shows in the article below, a devastating flaw in modern society works against talented people who might otherwise create life-saving and life-enhancing innovations.   A number of recent books have set new…

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An Unforgettable Perspective on the Importance of our Four-Legged Friends

Did you know that increasing scientific evidence suggests certain animals reached out to our ancestors—befriending, empowering, and gentling people long before we were able to corral and control them? Did you realize that as early humans formed partnerships with animals, our own species became braver, stronger, and more compassionate as a result? Join bestselling author…

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Fierce Sensitivity

By Linda Kohanov     “Power and empathy are not mutually exclusive. Now more than ever, we need thoughtful, compassionate individuals to enter situations where suffering and conflict occur, and show a different form of strength, one that protects the vulnerable and holds people accountable without becoming contentious or abusive….”   I travel extensively, teaching…

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Leadership and U.S. Politics

Take A Special Leadership Poll: Help Us Understand How Your Views on Power, Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation Affect Your Political Orientation and Your Vote In this tense and divisive political election, it’s important to gain greater insight into the perspectives of all sides. Once we know who “wins,” we must still strive to find ways…

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