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Rescheduling Postponed Events & Some Barn Safety Advice from Dr. Rebecca Bailey

Hello from Eponaquest, We have been working to reschedule programs postponed by the ever-changing coronavirus situation around the world. Linda and Dr. Rebecca Bailey have announced the new dates for the Healing the Herd: Connection Focused Therapy (Germany) program — September 16-20, 2020. The information for this program and the new dates for other rescheduled…

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We are not Machines! — Reclaiming Our Humanity and Recovering Lost Wisdom Through the Healing Power of Nature and Animals

Best-selling author and equine-facilitated learning pioneer, Linda Kohanov, returns to France and the Netherlands in September/early October to share cutting edge research and life-enhancing nature-inspired wisdom for humans. As usual, she will offer several shorter, evening presentations, demonstrations, and book signings that give people a taste of her innovative work, as well as two in-depth,…

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Speaking without Words: Harnessing the Invisible — The Practical Magic of Sentient Communication

Copyright 2019 by Linda Kohanov     Much information categorized as “spiritual” or “mystical” is nonverbal or unphotographable, not supernatural. Linda Kohanov The Power of the Herd       When the space shuttle Challenger exploded in 1984, NASA determined that a low-tech piece of rubber known as an “O ring” was the root cause….

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The Night the Animals Talked: How A Beloved Christmas Tale Came to Life in My Own Herd

In this edition of the Eponaquest News, author Linda Kohanov shares how a fragile baby bird and two very different equine “nativity scenes” illuminated the deeper meaning of Christmas.  Adventures include the premature birth of her Arabian horse Spirit who brought nearly a hundred people together in the first weeks of his life, inspiring his…

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