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Leadership and U.S. Politics

Take A Special Leadership Poll: Help Us Understand How Your Views on Power, Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation Affect Your Political Orientation and Your Vote

shutterstock_3438995421In this tense and divisive political election, it’s important to gain greater insight into the perspectives of all sides. Once we know who “wins,” we must still strive to find ways to work together, while constructively negotiating differences of opinion and priority.

This is the most complicated, essential — yet often ignored — of all democratic responsibilities. Humanity, as a force, is profoundly, dangerously powerful. Like it or not, we must learn to responsibly manage—and share—that power.

shutterstock_278723168In this effort, it’s helpful to understand the perceptions of leadership that members of different parties (and independents) hold.

As a first step, please invest some time and thought in taking the Five Roles Professional Assessment Political Study in the link below. Our goal is to gain insight into how people’s leadership and social engagement styles may affect how they vote: We also want to understand what themes and styles of leadership people value in the next President of the United States.

This study is sponsored by Eponaquest Worldwide, an educational organization devoted to researching, developing and teaching leadership, social intelligence, and other advanced human development skills.

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3 thoughts on “Leadership and U.S. Politics”

  1. Jo ann huddleston says:

    i find it interesting that the pictures you post in this article feature dark horses vs white or light colored horses. This makes me suspect your motives. We must learn to work together but I for one resent the implication that my views in opposition of others is racist.

    1. Sue Smades says:

      So I have some questions for you as your response seems a bit shocking in relation to some pictures of horses posted on a website by one of the world’s foremost experts in equine experiential learning and one of the most highly respected individuals in the field: 1) Did you even read the information here or simply make an assumption based on pictures? 2) Did you take the assessment to see what it involved? 3) Are you aware this assessment is completely anonymous and you will be sent the results once compiled if you take the assessment and want them? 4) Have you read any of Linda’s books, know anything about her or her work ? 5) Are you aware that Linda’s own herd is primarily made up of black Arabian horses?

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